Senior Living Costs in Ashland City, TN

Thinking about your next home? If you’re of retirement age and weighing your options, pricing is no doubt in your mind. Planning ahead is key if you want to make sure you have a comfortable lifestyle and can enjoy the things you like to do. At Vantage Pointe Village in Ashland City, we offer a range of services that can meet your needs and a warm, inviting community where you can thrive.

Understanding the Average Senior Living Costs

According to a Genworth Cost of Care Survey, assisted living in the Ashland City area averages around $4,000 a month, with additional charges for added services, and nursing home care jumps up to nearly $8,000 a month for a private room. The average cost for home health is $4,185 per month.

Understanding What is Best for You

Assisted living is best for seniors who want to maintain an active, independent lifestyle but still require assistance with everyday living. Nursing homes are usually best for those with more extensive health care needs and physical limitations.

Though home health and assisted living costs are similar, with home health, you are receiving limited assistance and can be more isolated without the opportunities for socialization that senior living communities provide. Staying active physically and socially is very important for seniors’ health and well-being.

When looking at overall expenses, if you elect to stay in your home, you must also factor in the cost of home modifications like making bathrooms, stairs, and living areas safe and accessible as you age, as well as general home maintenance. You’ll also need to consider costs for meals, groceries and transportation assistance.

Vantage Pointe Village, an enriching, resort-style senior living community in Ashland City, is priced right and includes many amenities and benefits. You won’t have to worry about costly repairs, constant updates, and additional bills and maintenance. We put your care and well-being first so that you can focus on what matters to you.

About Vantage Pointe Village

Imagine your days in a charming community set along the Cumberland River, close to boutique stores, local restaurants, and only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. Enjoy Southern hospitality in a warm, stylish setting. Imagine three chef-prepared meals a day, trips to the salon to freshen up, gardening with friends or just relaxing at home. Now imagine that all of your care and personal needs are met. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

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We understand that planning ahead and budgeting for your current or future needs are important. That’s why our pricing structure is customized for you, so you’ll never pay for services that you don’t need. We organize assisted living service offerings by levels of care:

Level One

  • Medication management for less than 10 medications (oral and topical)
  • Prompting for showers, grooming, and dressing
  • Prompting for meals and activities

Level Two

  • Medication management for less than 10 medications (oral and topical)
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Insulin administration
  • Standby shower assistance
  • One-person transfer assistance
  • Assistance with dressing and grooming
  • Escort to/from meals and activities

Level Three

  • Full assistance showers
  • Bladder incontinence assistance including use of Foley catheter
  • Dressing and grooming by staff

Level Four

  • Bed baths
  • Bladder and bowel incontinence assistance including use of Foley catheter
  • Incontinence laundry four times weekly for linens and personal clothing

Our Seasons Memory Care Program

Should you or a loved one be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, we understand how challenging that can be. Our expert care provided in the Seasons Memory Care Program includes the following services:

  • Medication administration (except for Insulin)
  • Toileting
  • Linens
  • Personal laundry
  • Redirection
  • Prompting for meals and activities
  • a.m. and p.m. care (nighttime security checks)
  • Shower assistance
  • Grooming and dressing assistance
  • Vital signs and weights done monthly
  • Assist with meal setup
  • One-person transfer assistance

A higher level of memory care includes:

  • Medication administration for greater than 10 medications
  • Bladder and bowel incontinence assistance including use of Foley catheter
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Insulin administration
  • Nebulizer treatments
  • Oxygen therapy

At Vantage Pointe Village, we understand that you want to remain in your home as long as possible, but if that becomes too difficult to manage, we can provide a comforting home where you’ll be free to enjoy life as you please. Take a look at what your day could look like in our community. Start enjoying life more and worrying less.


Additional Inquiries Regarding the Cost of Senior Living

We are happy to help provide a customized solution just for you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a happier, healthier life.

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