The Benefits of Having Pets for Senior Citizens

Pets are a joy no matter your age. When you were a kid, you’d have to beg to keep a kitty or a pup, but now, you have scientific research to back up your argument. From heart health to companionship, here are five reasons why seniors should adopt pets.

Owning a Pet is Heart Healthy

What’s one of the best ways to experience regular exercise and have better blood sugar levels? Get a dog!

Dogs offer their owners all of these benefits and more. A recent study discovered people with better cardiovascular health were most likely pet owners.

According to the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7®, owning a dog contributes to six of the seven ways to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Low Maintenance Companionship

For seniors experiencing arthritis or mobility issues, cats make great friends. American Humane notes that the requirements for feline companions are much more manageable than dogs and offer even minor ways to get you moving. Tasks as simple as getting them fresh food and water or scooping the litter box count as staying active.

While enjoying their company, think how easy entertaining a cat is:

  • Turn on a video for cats
  • A laser pointer
  • A spot in the sun for long naps
  • A cat tower and feather

Reduce Loneliness

One in four seniors suffers from social isolation. Social isolation and loneliness are associated with a 50 percent increase in the likelihood of dementia and around a 30 percent higher risk of stroke and heart disease.

Happy senior couple holding their puppy dog

An online survey by discovered 86 percent of pet owners would be lonely without their pet, and 58 percent believe they wouldn’t be as healthy without their furry friend.

Pets Can Be Robotic

In the United States, one in nine seniors experiences Alzheimer’s. While having a pet is beneficial for everyone, people living with dementia may not be able to take care of an animal.

Recent research has discovered robotic pets provide people experiencing dementia with:

  • A boost in mood
  • Higher self-esteem
  • An alternative way to express themselves
  • A higher quality of life
  • Opportunities for positive social interaction

Pets Can Save Lives

Senior owners thank pets like Bella the Bulldog and Buddy the Bichon Frise for saving their lives.

Service dogs like Bella are trained to smell changes in the hormones of their owners to alert them of when they need medical attention. Dogs can also sniff out cancer cells in the blood with 97 percent accuracy.

Buddy is just a classic case of man’s best friend. He broke out of a screen door and alerted neighbors after his 87-year-old owner fell and couldn’t get up.

Dogs shouldn’t get all the credit because cats like Schnautzie alerted her owners to a gas leak in the house. It may not be a literal sixth sense, but our pets are capable of really amazing things.

Pet-Friendly Senior Living in Tennessee

In the online study discussed above, 82 percent of pet owners said they would not give up their pet to move into a senior living community. At Vantage Pointe Village in Ashland City, TN, you won’t have to.

We encourage you to bring your pets along to our assisted living and memory care community for all the reasons listed and more.

Pets are an excellent way to make new friends in your new home. They’re encouraged to join us for sitting on the porch or just to cuddle up and provide companionship. We have many visitors like Lily Grace, the therapy dog who comforts our residents who don’t have pets.


Discover a new home in Ashland City, TN for both you and your pet

If you’re a senior in the Ashland City area, visit Vantage Pointe Village to experience upscale senior living for you and your furry friend. If you don’t already have a pet, consider adopting a pet from the Nashville Humane Society after contacting us to arrange a personalized tour and learn about our community’s pet ownership guidelines.

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